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Riverview Slab on Ground

Our Riverview Project is coming along well. Since the last update, we have been working hard to get the Lower Ground floor slab down. We first of all had to place blockwork for the rainwater tank surrounds, and get the … Continued

Update on Riverview Project

We are well into the site preparation stages of our project at Riverview. Starting at the beginning of September, we had the demolition contractors come in and remove the old house and clear the site for us. We use Democorp … Continued

Who does Harbour City Homes use?

Renovations, Additions, a New Home? It doesn’t matter what you are planning to build, you need to know you can trust the professional consultants who are working on your development. We are often asked by clients who we recommend to … Continued

Planning your Build

Building and Developing in Sydney can be a daunting and long process. There are a huge number of incremental steps that need to be completed and satisfied before you can even think about hiring a builder. In fact, the design, … Continued

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