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Planning your Build

Building and Developing in Sydney can be a daunting and long process.

There are a huge number of incremental steps that need to be completed and satisfied before you can even think about hiring a builder. In fact, the design, planning and application process can take up to two-thirds of the entire development process.

We suggest to all of our clients that one of the first things to obtain is a copy of the Section 149(2) Certificate for your block of land. This document will outline all the permisions and restrictions that are placed on your block. Having this certificate at the beginning can save you a lot of heartache and frustration further down the track, as you know straight up what you will need to satisfy in order to build. You can obtain the 149(2) certificate from your local council. Below is a list of North Shore councils, with links taking you to their websites.

Another thing you need to check at the outset, is what bushfire conditions are placed on your block of land. Again, doing this at the beginning of the planning stage will help you understand what will be required to obtain your D.A.

If you have not developed or built before, it may be wise for you to talk to a Certifier, as they will be able to sift through the information and help you streamline the process.

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