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Custom Design Services

Design in Focus

Architectural input is extremely important to create something unique. We are putting this back as the Focus of our Design Service, rather than focussing solely on budget. You will receive a synergy of considered design as well as a conscious effort to keep control of budgets – not the other way around.

Create something Bespoke

We bet that you have a few contributions you’d like to make to the design. Designing something bespoke lets you have total design flexibility, from layouts of floors, to where you want windows positioned, all the way to the finishes that will make your home, your home. A bespoke designed home will bring you years of satisfaction, as well as add significantly more value than a “cookie-cutter” design.

Control your Dollars

Working with an architectural designer builder gives the best of both worlds in terms of design and cost. From an architectural point of view we want our designs to be unique and interesting. But from a build-ability point of view we want to keep the budget in order, and find cost savings. This is something not achievable with an independent architect and independent builder.

Capitalise on the Potential

Designing specifically for a block of land, in a specific area means you will never over or under capitalise. Whether a renovation or new home you can set a budget based on land value and we will work with you to achieve that in the design.

Hire a Panel of Experts

When you work with us to Design and Build, you gain access to our architects, builders, quantity surveyors, engineers, surveyors and a myriad of other professionals. We do business with the same firms again and again, so they know our standards and what is required. All of these professionals are at your disposal when working with us.

Ultimate Accountability

At the end of the day, when you decide to design and build with us, we are ultimately accountable. We will ensure that each time the design changes, budgets and costs are updated so that no nasty surprises await at contract stage. We can’t pass the buck to another firm – this is something independent architect and building firms cant achieve.

Be Inspired

If you are looking for ideas for your custom new home, take a browse through our portfolio of Pre-Designed Homes for inspiration. We place the same emphasis on design integrity, meaning we have the most uniquely pre-designed homes on the market. See the different forms, layouts and material uses that separate our design service from the rest.

Learn more about Pre-Designed Homes

Design and Build Simplicity

And of course, when the design is ready, you will receive the Harbour City Homes Building Service. We commit the same levels of open communication, project management and workmanship to each and every one of our projects. Its an extremely streamlined and easy way to build.

Learn more about Building Services

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