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Pre-Designed Homes

Architecture back in the Spotlight

We partner with some of Sydney’s leading Architects, and we allow them the freedom to do what they do best – design. Most large home builders put too much emphasis on budget and keeping things reasonable for the masses, but there is a trade off – washed out, cookie-cutter designs. We are adamant to put an emphasis back on design and originality.

Flexible and Adaptable

Just because these designs are already drawn up doesn’t mean you can’t make them suit your unique lifestyle. In fact, we encourage you to print them off and start drawing walls, adding bathrooms and moving windows to make the design yours. The designs are here as a solid base to build your vision from.

Peace of Mind

We have done the research and based our designs on budgets that are comparable to average build costs around the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. You will see that our designs are no more expensive than a design from a larger builder, with a similar size, finish and inclusions. All of this with a superior design and a known fixed price.

Inclusions – that you would actually expect

One power point per room, and no door between the garage and the house – these are the tricks that the larger builders include to get their costs down, and we think it’s not enough. We’d bet that you would expect a little more as well, which is why our inclusions and finishes are much more comprehensive.

A list of our standard inclusions is attached to each of the plans.

Its all about Added Value

When you choose one of our designs, you will be choosing a design that will add value in many ways. Not only will it add significantly more financial value to your property than a cookie-cutter design, it will give you much more enjoyment and satisfaction when living in it.

Get the Harbour City Homes Service

Choosing a design with Harbour City Homes comes with the added benefit of our building service. Whether you pick a pre-designed home or start from scratch, our building service is at its fullest commitment to you.

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