Carranya Road Project, RIVERVIEW.

Custom New Home Build on Sydney's North shore, WITH A RESILIENT DESIGN.



Shortly after our clients purchased the block of land that this home would be build on, regulations surrounding bushfires were increased in response to the Black Saturday bushfires.

The block backs on to a bush reserve that leads to the Lane Cove River. This environment created the need for significant enhancements to meet the updated codes.

Our clients contacted us a year before construction commenced so that we could assist them to find the most cost effective solutions to combat these new requirements.

We had the pleasure of having Harbour City Homes build our house. The construction of the home went smoothly and there were no problems along the way - the home is beautifully constructed ... The house is a very unique home that melts into the landscape, and the Harbour City Team were able to build to very strict bush fire requirements of BAL-40 and Flame Zone, while working with us to consciously stick to the budget along the way.
— Clients, Carranya Road



We worked alongside our clients as well as the Architects to find cost-effective and innovative solutions, whilst protecting the original design intent of the building.

Over this period of time we worked as a team to reduce costs in some areas, allowing us to reallocate the budget to the new found requirements.

This included averaging out the ground floor slab from a stepped slab to a single level slab, reducing excavations requirements.



It was necessary to use particular building systems and materials to meet the new bushfire requirements. These included high rated window joinery, as well as a particular cladding system to wrap the building in.

The result is an architecturally designed, modern Australian home, with innovative mechanisms designed to protect the building's inhabitants.



One of the biggest challenges was wrapping the building in a system of various layers to meet the bushfire regulations. Whilst this might seem simple, adding to the thickness of the external walls, as well as the roof, created follow on effects.

Considering all of these factors prior to the build commencing allowed for the budget to be reliable and predictable for our clients - one of the major factors in any building project.