Our clients have been living in their home for 20 years. The home had previously been renovated and extended and this was beginning to deteriorate when they contacted us.

The clients were looking to completely renovate the main living areas of the house, as well as three bathrooms. They were looking to add value to their property by modernising the essential areas of the home, but were unsure as to the extent that they were wanting to go.

They contracted us using a partially fixed and partially open contract allowing for a surety in budget, whilst providing the flexibility to decide on finished as we went.

The work was of extremely high quality, done within the time we had specified and was within our budget
— Clients, Wymston Parade



It was important for us to work closely with the clients. There were a number of unknowns as we started the demolition of the previous extension and renovation.


As we started the demolition we began to understand what the structure was like, which would in turn, determine the quality of the finish. We provided this part of the contract as a fixed price.


Once the demolition was completed we were more accurately able to estimate what was involved to get the finishes that the clients desired.



We started with a complete strip of the linings to the back of the house and bathrooms. Once we could see the structure and understand what we had to work with, we discussed with the clients the options to proceed.



The clients decided to continue with the strip out so that we could essentially rebuild all of the areas from new again. This provided us with a 'blank canvas' to build from, resulting in what has essentially become a new living area and three bathrooms.





Because of the unknowns at the start of this project we worked with the clients to produce a fixed price contract for the main works of the project. This included the demolition works and the building of the new structures where it was possible.

When it came to the fit-out and marrying of the old structure to the new, we worked with the clients on a cost plus basis. This gave our clients the comfort of knowing a cost at the start of the project whilst providing us both the flexibility to make changes and decisions as the project came to completion.